Delacom Computer Services

Computer Repairs

This is a broad term which basically means if you have a piece of hardware (power supply, cooling fan, sound card, video card etc..) that is no longer working or if you have software issues (a program on your computer isn’t functioning properly) we will come in and diagnose the problem and get you back up and running.

Networking Issues

If you are like most people, you probably have Internet. Networking issues are problems that you may have between wireless components communicating with each other. It may also be that you need multiple computers at your location to share information with each other. Maybe you just can’t get on the Internet at all. We can help with this. We have many clients who count on us to solve networking issues for them.

Health Checks

Our biggest complaint from our customers is that their computer is just running slow. Many times this is because during everyday use and accessing the Internet your computer gets spy-ware or malware. These are little programs that are put on your computer in a multitude of ways and run in the background collecting information or sending you ads for the latest gadgets and software programs. These spyware programs may put different search engines on your computer and/or change your home page. We will come in and see what has been added to your computer and remove it
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Delacom Computer Services is not a brick and mortar store. We come to your home or business and do what we can to preform the services you need on location. Sometimes the repairs needed may require that we take your computer with us but if this happens we will do our best to see that your computer is back to you and running in a timely fashion.